Damaged/Faulty Mobile Phones
If your device does not charge or the screen is not accessible then we will not be able to remove your data. Please do not send these devices as they will be £0 value, destroyed and recycled.

If your mobile does not adhere to the working criteria it will be classified as Damaged/Faulty. Damaged/Faulty mobiles must meet the following criteria:


For certain devices we require you to specify which network they are on as there are differences in price. If after testing the device is found to be locked to a different network we will change the price accordingly in the form of a revised offer.

Revised Offers

If a device fails to meet the device criteria selected on your order and outlined in these terms and conditions we will change your order accordingly to the correct condition. This will sometimes only be a partial reduction in price or ‘revised offer’ depending on the diagnosis of the device(s) by our operatives. You will receive an email informing you of the revised offer price with a reason. If you are not happy with a revised offer or downgrade we are happy to discuss the order and we will return the device to you at our own cost via Royal Mail Special Delivery.